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Beautiful loft conversions

grow from

inspired sketches.

Tec Sketch is an independent design business that is dedicated to helping homeowners choose the best loft conversion design for their home.


With the benefit of over 29 years' experience designing loft conversions, we are skilled in providing advanced design sketches to homeowners from just a few simple measurements and a brief description.


Our designers utilise and draw on extensive knowledge within the loft conversion sector.

We are experts in creating technical sketches for loft conversions. Tec Sketch enables homeowners to discover for themselves the possible loft conversion designs for their home.

Tec Sketch helps homeowners avoid the need early on of having to commit to full-scale architectural drawings or a specialist builder for their loft conversion.


Converting imprecise ideas into precise architectural sketches demands ability.

We lead the field.

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You describe your loft conversion idea.

We sketch it for you. Simple.



What we do.

How we work.

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